Over the last eight months, I’ve learned from my clients that they want a men’s store where they can shop every day, find the unusual and the exceptional, available at the kind of prices and values I’ve offered for the last eight months – and where service is still the highest priority.
Now, eight months later, all of our clothing suppliers are on board with us and have pledged to continue offering the kinds of special buying opportunities that I can pass on to you, with no compromise in quality.
Introducing Carl Sterr By Design:
In our new concept store, we’ve added an easy-to-shop custom department featuring luxurious fabrics from all over the world. Plus, you’ll find a continuously changing ‘Small Batch’ assortment of special buys and samples from our key suppliers, made up in fabrics and designs that you just won’t see anywhere else. These will be truly one and a few-of-a-kind assortments.
It will be my job to keep pushing our suppliers to deliver on these special looks and ‘Small Batch’ buying opportunities. It will be your job to stop in more often and stay up to date on our blog so that you know what is coming- and going.
Working together and then adding that final touch – the expert tailoring that only Walter can do – will make for wardrobe choices that promise to be enduring, outstanding and head-turning.
Custom products, the best customer service and now, special ‘Small Batch’ buys – that's what has made us your preferred store, and that’s precisely what we will continue to offer every day.
See you soon.