Spring into Action

The dark, grey clouds slowly begin to dissipate, as the vibrant blue sky fights it’s way into view.  Beams of light pierce through the sky’s opening, infiltrating the atmosphere with warmth and life, though eventually reaching the ground below.  Dormant seeds that waited patiently for winter’s end, are now energized with the promise of fresh sunlight and soft rains. 

As the month of March progresses, we can see examples of new life all around us.  Although winter’s cozy blanket of snow brought about a sense of stillness, spring encourages us to transform our dormant seeds into ones of fresh life and new growth.  Spring is the perfect time to instill productive habits, set goals into action, and do the things we said we would at the year’s start. 

Whatever idea you have been holding onto will not propel itself into motion alone.  You have to set it in motion.  Use this time to reset, restore and recharge.  There is no other time than right now to finally move the ground beneath your feet.  Are you searching for more in your everyday job, looking to exercise regularly or longing for the motivation to start a new project?  Start today.  The grass, the trees and the flowers do not put off their bloom.  They bloom now because they can, and they have to in order to survive.  For each seed inside us holds a vast amount of potential, anticipating its growth.  Just as the seasons remind us of change, we must also change.