Thinking About Change?

What does change mean to you?  Is it challenging, or something you take head on with courage?  Sometimes it may certainly depend on the situation.  Maybe you are taking a substantial risk in your career, or maybe it is something as minor as cutting your hair.  But even the small changes are significant.  Regardless of the magnitude, aim to embrace the circumstance with gratitude.  Every act you make to better yourself, is a step towards a stronger, more fearless you.  

Change can be something that pushes you to new heights of growth in your career, relationships or personal development.  But it’s not all that easy to embrace it at times.  Sometimes change may involve failing.  So it is crucial to recognize that any fear you have going into an immense leap, stems from fear of the unknown.  After all, any failing that you encounter is more of an achievement than winning can be at times.  Picking up each piece and determining how to move forward encourages the kind of growth that takes you to higher grounds.  Just as the tide rises and the moon reaches it’s luminescent peak, human beings must transform themselves through time to achieve a greater sense of worth.  

But in order to embrace change fully, it goes without saying that you must devote your greatest effort.  Additionally, remain fully aware of how you are feeling during the process.  Check in with yourself and ask questions like, “How is this change helping me,” “how can I achieve maximum results (even if that means failing),” and “if I continue to forward with this new change, will I be happy?”  At the end of the day, you must always follow your intuition and recognize when you no longer align with a current pursuit.  Change is not always easy, but diving into it head on will grant you more growth than staying stagnant ever can.  Be ambitious, and do not pass up an opportunity to achieve more, even if it means taking a risk.