The Secret to Motivation


Do you ever catch yourself waiting for a surge of motivation before you begin a task?  Maybe that task is related to your career, your health or even your relationships.  You patiently wait for the right time to dive into an important work project, a new diet, or constructive conversation.  Oh, and the weather has been dreary, so your energy has been low.  Maybe when it’s nicer out, you will feel more motivated to begin.  Tomorrow, or possibly the next day thereafter, sounds more realistic.  Not to mention, you have to catch up on your favorite television show.  You deserve to rest for a bit and unwind.  So yeah, the end of the week sounds like a better time to start...

Although a reset is always refreshing and necessary in times of heightened pressure, I want to let you in on a little secret.  But it’s not the kind of secret that will get you ahead, or help you achieve the success you always dreamed of; it’s you that accomplishes that.  This secret lies inside you, awaiting to be unleashed.  So as you prepare for something great, but cannot seam to find the spark to ignite your journey, remember this one idea: You cannot wait for motivation, you must create it yourself.  When you’re not feeling up to a job, get up, and do it.  When you feel as if you have to keep putting off something, halt the excuses, and push yourself past your perceived boundaries.

But what is motivation, anyways?  In technical terms, it describes one’s desire or willingness to accomplish something, similar to a drive or ambition.  But are we ever truly ready to do something scary, yet paramount?  Onerous, yet rewarding?  Motivation requires a particular mindset because after awhile, motivation may decline.  But it’s the point at which motivation fades, that commands true strength.  Can you push yourself when your drive diminishes?  That’s true motivation.