Rethinking Your New Year’s Resolution

Ah, the New Year.  It’s time for setting new intentions for the coming year.  A time to reflect on the past year’s successes and road bumps.  And to make way for new growth, aiming to make this year the year that you finally decide to lose that extra weight, or instill more productive habits.  It’s incredible that our society engrains this tradition every year.  When each person takes the time to reflect on themselves and how they can be better, it ignites a beautiful flame across the world.  One that can fuel the heat for that burning passion that lies within everyone…

But do we have to wait for January 1st to start making these changes?  Do we need to participate in a collective rumination only once a year?  Growth takes time and abundant nourishment.  Planting a new seed at the start of the calendar year is an admirable act, but you can always strive for more. 

Instead of setting one overarching goal now, set one every morning.  It can be a colossal goal that will propel you into the depths of your aspirations, or it can be a minute goal.  But these types of goals are just as crucial to your existence, as they gently water the strong seeds in your life, guiding you one step closer to new growth.  When you wire your brain to think in this way every morning, you are consequently unleashing novel opportunities in your life.  Wake up, take five minutes to reflect on what you need or want in your life, and set intentions for the day that will aid in that journey.  Instead of making this year a great year, make every day a great day.