Why the Fit Matters

Custom fitted sport coat chest

When you’re shopping for a sport coat, you look for various qualities.  Does it catch your eye?  Is the pattern or style to your liking?  And, of course, does it feel good, and look good on?  But perhaps the most important quality that is often overlooked is whether or not the cut and trim of the sport coat hugs your body in all the right areas.  Along with the influx of cheap suits in the menswear business, unfortunately brings along with it a lack of proper fit and quality fabric. 

Luckily, shopping at Carl Sterr’s shop won’t give you that problem.  All of his private label pieces are custom fit, right off the rack!  To showcase how Carl Sterr’s pieces fit, pay close attention to the way this sheen, plaid sport coat beautifully forms to Barry’s waist, shoulders and chest.  Adding a subtle paisley handkerchief atop a cashmere touch, flannel cotton shirt, compliments the purple-hued sport coat very nicely.  But it’s up to the individual wearer on how he chooses to accessory his piece.  When you start with a great fitting sport coat, your choices from there will follow suit perfectly, whether you love to add colors, patterns, or choose to stay more classic.  To try on a piece for yourself, and really understand why fit matters, stop in to Carl Sterr’s shop during his going out of business sale.  All goods are 50-75% off, providing you with luxury goods at exceptional prices!

Custom fitted sport coat shoulder

Custom fitted sport coat waist