Last Minute Summer Grabs

Although summer is winding down for some, it is always a good idea to know your essentials, especially when things tend to go on sale at the end of the season!

1. Collard, short-sleeve shirt

Timeless and a classic, the polo shirt is the one shirt you can grab quickly and immediately look more polished.  Look for a cotton blend to keep you cool in the summer heat, or refer to our previous blog post about the coolest summer fabrics for other blends to try.

2. Neutral flat front shorts that are fitted

Fitted is the key word, because shorts can often look slouchy and unrefined. From there you can mix and match any color shirt you want to a pair of black, beige, white or navy shorts.

3. Comfortable canvas sneaker or slip-on

Summertime wear is about being comfortable in the heat, so try wearing a pair of shoes that are very breathable as your feet endure heightened sweat.   

4.  Stylish Sunglasses

As the blinding sun amps up in August, you have to make an extra effort to protect your precious vision.  A tortoiseshell print is always a stylish choice and easy to find anywhere.