The Power of Neutral

Style can be as simple as throwing on a black pair of jeans, tan combat boots and a neutral button up shirt.  Although funky prints and bright colors are fun to play around with, it can be tough staying up to date on trends.  A simple rule of thumb that I always like to follow is having a couple neutral clothing items in your closet. 

Imagine this; you’re running late to an important dinner and have no idea what to throw on, but you know you have to look good.  You’re tired of wearing your old favorite paisley shirt and you have nothing to match your new maroon pants.  In the corner of your eye, you notice a plain, boring old button up that you have neglected for the past year.  You decide to pair your light cream shirt with a dark tan sport coat.  A pair of light-colored jeans rolled up at the bottom, topped with your dark leather loafers and your Shinola wrist watch complete your look. Didn’t think you could look so good in such plain pieces, huh?  I always like to think of neutral tones as staple pieces in a wardrobe.  Neutral colors can range anywhere from black, white, gray, beige and anything in between.  Although they lack much color, they are always a timeless look.  Aiming for a dressier look?  Wear something black and you will instantly look more polished.   

So when in doubt, always resort to a neutral outfit.  You can mix and match different items, allowing even someone that's colorblind to match perfectly.  You will save a lot of time getting ready as well!