Look Good, Feel Good

       There’s a certain confidence that comes with dressing well. You walk into a crowded coffee shop on Woodward, surrounded by the bustling rush of morning traffic.  As you stroll in, light footed and poised, people turn their sleepy gaze.  Your pinstripe, bespoke Samuelsohn suit with iridescent cuff links light up the room with energy.  Fellow coffee-enthusiasts clear a path for you in admiration, as your usual, morning macchiato is called.  It’s not a particularly important day, you just felt like dressing up… And man, do you feel good. 

       The social norm of dressing in suits, tucked in dress shirts, top hats and polished shoes is a way of the past now.  We can all remember the way our grandfathers dressed, always sharp from head to toe, with a handkerchief handy for a damsel in distress.  It was normal to go to an outing wearing the finest suit, matching bow tie and leather shoes from one’s wardrobe.  But sometime around the rise in new industries and technologies, people slowly began to transform their day-to-day wear.  Today, people often wear what would have been considered pajamas during our grandfather’s time.  And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing your individuality, I feel most comfortable when I am the most distinguished.  It’s simply a myth that dress clothes are uncomfortable.  There are so many options today with varying fabrics, prints, and styles.   It does take time to find the right fit and style that meets your needs, but it will always be worth it. 

       Dressing well means wearing your personal style with confidence.  Confidence is the key word, because your demeanor and mannerisms are always a reflection of how you are feeling.  Maybe it’s superficial, but human beings will always make first impressions based on appearance.  If you were to watch a job interview between two gentlemen, one dressed in a suit and one dressed in jeans and a button-up shirt, you would be amazed at the difference in posture, eye-contact and vocal tone.  And it’s no puzzle at which one would get the job.  If dressing well means more confidence and better first impressions, then who wouldn’t sign up for that? 

       Next time you get dressed, try picking out the cream of the crop outfit from your wardrobe, with a clean-trimmed beard and well-groomed hair.  Throw on your favorite band as you get dressed, and you will walk out the door feeling a little different than usual.  With a newfound pep in your step, strangers will acknowledge your street style, allowing your confidence to effortlessly radiate.  After all, “dressing well is a form of good manners” (Tom Ford).