How to Make the Most Out of this Winter

As we prepare for the coming winter months, holiday shopping and organizing plans for the holidays seem to take over our schedules.  It can be a busy time for most, while our bodies slowly adapt to the changing temperatures.  And while we may not all love the freezing temperatures, it’s a great season to focus on yourself to make time for the things that will make you happy and help you grow.

Spend more time with your loved ones.
When it’s below 30 degrees fahrenheit, it’s not exactly the best time to hangout outside.  So unless you enjoy any winter activities like skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing, I encourage you to spend more time inside with your loved ones.  Have some friends and family over, cook your favorite meal, and indulge in the loving company that surrounds you.  After all, winter is the coziest season and the best time to have a dinner party to escape from the frigid cold.

Dress up.
Dressing well invokes confidence.  Look good - feel good, am I right?  Ever walk into a room and have people stop and stare at your custom-tailored suit, with gold, accented cuff links and paisley handkerchief?  That feeling of confidence and admiration will surely set your day off in a positive direction.  Aim to make bright impressions this winter by taking more time to groom yourself and dress sharp.  But over everything, dress for yourself.  You will probably feel more energized throughout the day when you make this time in the morning.

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While soft snowflakes start to gently fall outside your window, it's the perfect time for a fire and some hot tea.  Take that time to work on your mental well-being.  Instead of turning on the football game, grab a book you’ve been wanting to read for some time and observe how relaxed you feel after only a couple minutes of reading.  If you aim to make to new, positive habits, this season is the perfect time to start.

Focus on your health.
Whether through physical activity or diet, you will retain more energy this winter if you focus on improving your physical well-being.  Although it’s not ideal to go for a run in the cold, try some at-home exercises, stretch more and cook more wholesome meals.  Once Spring arrives, you will feel happy and thankful that you decided to start making positive changes now.