Why Denim Is Here to Stay

Fashion is cyclical.  What may have seemed dorky when your parents wore it years ago, could be back in style today.  Many trends have their spotlight at different points in time, which makes fashion both beautiful and ever-changing.  But when styles come back, they often are altered in some way.  Modern touches make something from the past feel fresh and new.  One trend, however, has always been present.  Through generation to generation, denim has remained a prominent part of fashion.  

Today, you can see denim touches throughout men’s fashion in subtle ways.  Modern alterations have transformed denim into a sleek touch to any outfit, whether casual or formal.  When it comes to jeans, there are many different washes to try.  Raw denim is a denim that is unwashed and untouched from its original form.  Usually, you break in this stiff denim by wearing it, instead of washing.  From here, you have varying colors in denim, from very dark, to very washed and light fabrics.  Pairing the right color denim with the right tones is important.  For example, if you choose to wear a lighter wash denim, try pairing with a beige sport coat to compliment the other hues.  But beyond color, there are various ways to accent denim in your outfit. 

A popular look right now is pairing a denim button up shirt with a soft construction sport coat, or a patterned sport coat for more personality.  The denim adds a unique texture to the outfit and a pop of color for some contrast.  Another look that you can dress up or down is pairing a dark wash denim jean with a tailored shirt and sport coat.  The possibilities are up to your imagination, but I promise you one thing: denim is here to stay.