How to Accessorize Elegantly this Fall

Dressing well is one thing, accessorizing is another.  Whether it’s a minimalist approach or something more extravagant, accessories always add a nice dimension to an outfit.  Although a clean sport coat with no tie can look sleek, adding a tie with a complimentary pattern or fabric can elevate your look.  A unique trend for men’s fashion is incorporating a wool tie with a soft shirt, such as denim.  This look is great for an informal occasion when you still want to dress up nicely. 

pocket square.jpg

Everyone loves pocket squares.  What’s the saying go again?  You keep a pocket square on you at all times for a damsel in distress?  Pocket squares are a timeless accessory that give so much personality and a little touch of elegance.  I like incorporating a pattern here especially, such as paisley or polka dots.

Another accessory popular around this time of year is of course, scarfs.  Adding a vibrant colored scarf to an otherwise neutral outfit will not only keep you warm, but also make you stand out.  A simple pop of copper color, or even a subtlety striped pattern are both great options for this fall.

cufflinks edit (1 of 1).jpg

Finally, the every so lovely cuff links.  Cuff links are the icing on top of your outfit.  The added bling you need to take your style to the next level.  Perhaps Mother of Pearl inlay, or a simple silver stud is your style.  Nevertheless, cuff links are here to stay and perfect for that Friday evening out strolling the streets of Birmingham.